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Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK) is among the best names for Saffron, Walnuts, Honey and, Morels from Kashmir - India. Commenced in a petite way in 1972, ABK has been growing in-line with the trends of the modern world. Here we present to you our online store, consistent with our physical store so as to give you a seamless shopping experience at ABK, which in other words means SAME PRODUCTS, SAME QUALITY - SHIPPED FROM OUR WAREHOUSE IN KASHMIR, INDIA.


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Morels start to appear in early spring in the higher regions of the Kashmir valley and the northwestern Himalayas. The Morels grow in soil rich in organic matter, in loamy soil, in coniferous forests, broad-leaved forests, in open areas or grasslands in apple orchards, in burnt sites, river bottoms, and floodplains, even under dead decaying trees - Morels just can appear anywhere around in the Spring when the snow begins to melt and is accompanied with some precipitation. And now that we are in Spring, here we present to you the best of spring mushrooms from Kashmir - Black Morels being our spring stars!
Amin-Bin-Khalik was featured today in one of the leading newspapers in Kashmir, Greater Kashmir. The article mentions about the diminishing appearance (emergence) of Morels in Kashmir and we were interviewed on it. ABK is indeed the best place to buy quality Organic Morels from Kashmir, India. We are specialised in the Morel business and we are popular for Quality Morels all over the world!
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