Almond kernels

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kashmir almond kernels

Kashmir Almond kernels,1 kg

Kashmir Almonds are natural and contain more oil than californian and Afghan almonds, as such they tase better and nutritionally they are recomended than theother two.
₹ 1,500.00 ₹ 1,400.00
kashmir shelled almonds 500 gm

Kashmir Almond kernels, 500gm

One tree Kashmir almond kernels.
₹ 750.00 ₹ 700.00
organic almonds from kashmir

Kashmir Almond kernels, 250gm

One tree Kashmir almond kernels.
₹ 375.00 ₹ 350.00
california almonds 500 grams

Almond kernels - Californian, 500 gm

Premium quality Californian Almonds.
₹ 600.00
american shelled almonds

Almond kernels - Californian, 250 gm

Premium quality Californian Almonds.
₹ 300.00
iranian mamra almonds

Almond kernels - Mamra, 500gm

Premium quality Iranian Mamra.
₹ 2,500.00
organic mamra almonds

Almond kernels - Mamra, 250gm

Premium quality Irani Mamra.
₹ 1,250.00
afghan almonds

Almond kernels - Gurbandi, 500 gm

Oil-rich Afghan Almonds.
₹ 800.00
shelled almonds from afghanistan

Afghan almond kernels (Gurbandi), 250 gm

Oil-rich Afghan Almonds. You receive one packet of 250 gm. Produced in Afghanistan, these small Almonds are a powerhouse of energy. Besides, they are also rich in vitamins and Omega-3. A small portion of the lot might taste bitter due to higher concentration of oils in the almond.
₹ 400.00
blanched kashmir almond kernels

Blanched Almonds, 500gm

Blanched Kashmir Almonds
₹ 800.00
almond flour 500 gm

Almond powder, 500gm

Ground Kashmir almond kernels.
₹ 900.00
broken kashmir almonds

Broken Kashmir Almond Kernels, 1 kg

Broken Kashmir Almond kernels. Good for snacking or baking.
₹ 900.00