Kashmir Almond kernels,1 kg

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Kashmir Almonds are natural and contain more oil than californian and Afghan almonds, as such they tase better and nutritionally they are recomended than theother two.
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Kashmir Almonds differ in shape, size and colour and in order to serve you better we recommend you select your preference of size of Almonds as you order. Although, size of Kashmir Almonds does not matter, but we prefer you mark your preference as you order.

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Being natural, Kashmir Almonds come in different shapes, sizes,and  colours; Its intresting to note that each tree produces its own varierty of Almonds. Some are small, some are large and  they even differ in colour. Mostly they taste same but there is sometimes a slight difference in the oil content among the varieties of Kashmir Almonds and as such some might turn out to be sweeter than the others. But essentially, all Kashmir Almonds Have Natural Oil in Them. And as a quality standard Almonds from each single tree are kept seperate and sold without mixing it with Almonds from other tree. They are also reffered to as "One tree Almonds".

  • Kashmir almonds are similar to Irani mamara, and sometime sit is reffered as local mamra.
  • Store in cool and dry place and they will last for one a year.
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