Acacia Honey, Pure and Natural, 650 gm

Manufacturer: ABK
Pure Unrefined Kashmir Honey from the nectar of purple and white Acacia flowers. Acacia honey is known for its distinctive mild taste and this honey has the least chance of Crystallisation as it remains in its liquid form for a longer period of time. Acacia Honey is good for people of all ages, and a spoonful or two a day is enough to keep you rejuvenated.
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Among most of the varieties of honey, Acacia Honey is considered to have one of the loveliest taste and appearance. For decades, honey has been used as a natural sweetening substance produced by the honey bees; And Acacia Honey is considered to be a delicacy from Kashmir, for it has several medicinal properties and it is thought to be good for the Skin - it acts as an excellent antimicrobial substance.

The mild taste of this Honey is due to lower content of Sucrose, resulting in minimizing the incident of increasing an individuals sugar level and as such Acacia Honey can be used by people who have diabetes. Besides, the ecosystem of Kashmir is poised make this Honey free from harmful elements found commonly in Honey from other places.

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