Saffron - Grade 1 (Mongra)

We are often asked, how many types of Saffron are there?

Well, in Kashmir Saffron is marketed in three distinct forms and these are Mongra, Lacha and Guchi. The distinction of these three forms is primarily on how long the Style is attached to its Stigma (Style and Stigma are parts of a flower; Saffron is actually the Stigma of a Saffron flower, which is the distal end of the plant's carpel). There are three stigmas (filaments) in the middle of the Saffron flower, each of which is about 2 to 3 centimetres long and dark red. The deep red stigmas are further attached to the flower by pale filaments called styles. 

When the style is separated completely from its Stigma, we get dark red and silky, separated Stigmas and this is what is Mongra saffron. Or simply to say, when the Saffron flowers are picked, the style and stigma are separated from them, and the stigma is cut at a point where it is joint with the style resulting the dark red stigmas separated from the rest of its floral parts, and this is called Mongra, or Mogra SAFFRON in India; the same Saffron is called ZAFRAN-E-SAR-GOL, or saffron from the top of the flower, in Iran and “Coupe Saffron” in Spain.

Mongra Saffron contains ten per cent more pigment in comparison to other two marketed forms of Saffron (i.e. Lacha and Guchi Saffron) and is the most preferred forms of Saffron for commercial, personal or household use. 

The other form of Saffron is called Lacha, and this is made when the style is “partially separated” from its stigmas, leaving each red stigma with a centimetre or two centimetres of style attached to it – this gives it a double shade to the product, red at the top (Stigmatic portion) and tapering yellow end (part of attached style), and this is what is Lacha Saffron. And in Iran, this form of Saffron is called zafran-e-dasta (handled saffron).

Furthermore, when the full length of style is conserved, and there is no separation of styles from their corresponding Stigmas, and in other words, this marketed form of Saffron preserves the total filament (called Pistal (stigma + style)) of the Saffron flower - Red Stigmas, and long yellow style remain intact. And, these long Saffron threads (red and yellow) are made into a bunch, by twisting their lower tapering ends, which is what is called Guchi Saffron.

Although, the Guchi Saffron might have the total floral component, however, it is generally not desirable, since the real chemical compounds, Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal, remain solely in the red stigmas and it is the sigma only that is the most expensive part or so as to say, the spice itself are the stigmas  – which is what we have mentioned earlier is Mongra Saffron, Grade 1 saffron, and is the most desirable form of Saffron worldwide. 

Buying Mongra Saffron

Buying Mongra Saffron can be hard for the market – in most, most cases – is flooded with mixed, adulterated, dyed, product and getting the real deal isn’t that easy. Saffron is one of the products where the price is highly related to quality and for production of Super Quality saffron, in all stages from harvesting till packaging, enough care should be considered to apply the right practices.

At ABK house, we ensure that the post-harvest losses to quality of Saffron on account of the prolonged separation of stigmas, drying and packing are monitored and taken care of so that the Very Select Saffron with longer stigma length and shiny dark red colour with strong odour is delivered to you. 

According to the Condé Nast traveller magazine, Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK) is a must-visit place to stock up for Fine Saffron and other dry fruits from Kashmir. At ABK we ensure you only the best quality Mongra Saffron - for the last 50 years and for the time ahead!

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kashmiri kesar

Saffron, 1 gm - Best brand of Kashmiri Kesar

Best quality 1 gm of Saffron from ABK. Saffron from ABK house is warranted to be 100% pure and natural product and is free from any foreign matter. Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar) has a Silky texture and has a powerful colouring and flavouring capability. Kashmiri Saffron is qualitatively better than Iranian Saffron for its distinguishing length of Stigmas and dark red colour. At Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK) we have been selling World-class Saffron to our customers worldwide from about 50 years now, and Saffron at ABK is our forte, our speciality! Apart from quality, at ABK we can ensure you the true weight of the product sold or shipped as mentioned on our packaging.

₹ 300.00

Saffron, 2 gm - Handpicked, Pure and natural

This is the Best Quality of 2 gm Saffron available online in India. Buying real saffron can be hard for there is a lot of dyed and artificial Saffron commonly sold in India. To make sure you're getting the best stuff, take a sniff, and the real Saffron smells a bit like sweet hay. It should also have all red stigmas, no yellow stamens. Cheap Quality Saffron producers often leave the yellow stamens (which are tasteless), adding weight and diluting the red stigmas that give the spice its famous taste. Besides, it is highly recommended to buy Saffron from a trusted enterprise, and ABK is the Mark of Quality, and trust from 50 long years!

₹ 600.00

Saffron, 5 gm - 100% Original Guaranteed

Original Kashmir Saffron has well-defined characteristics with regards to its taste, flavour and colour it gives when it is steeped, and that finding the real stuff on every other store is impossible nowadays. It is simply because Saffron is a high-value product, and attracts frequent blending and adulteration. In most cases, mixing is done so precisely that any ordinary customer can easily get fleeced. This is how buying from a trusted business is what is all essential should you be looking to buy Original saffron. Kashmir Saffron is superior to Saffron from other places and selling it in its Original, Natural (with no artificial flavour or any foreign matter), and unaltered form is our forte. Buy 100% Original Kashmir Saffron online at ABK!

From ₹ 1,500.00

Saffron, 10 gm - Premium Quality Kesar online

Best Quality Kesar available online. Kashmiri Kesar is world-famous for its intrinsic quality as such it possesses a powerful colouring and flavouring capability. Just a pinch of this Kesar is enough to make your food flavorful.
₹ 3,000.00

Saffron, 20 gm - Best Quality assured, since 1972

Best Quality Saffron in India at ABK. Our saffron has only longer strands giving you the best results with just a little quantity. Saffron is pure for sure and the best sells at here.
₹ 6,000.00

Saffron, 50 gm

Buy Best Quality Kashmiri Saffron with ABK. Our store has been selling saffron as from 1972, and over the time we have become specialized in Kashmiri Saffron. These Longer Silky Kashmiri Saffron threads possess a very powerful colouring capability making Kashmiri Saffron all the more potent for its use in Cookery and Medicine.
₹ 15,000.00

Saffron, 100 gm - Extra fine quality

Pure Kashmiri Saffron at ABK. This product has only the longer strands of Saffron and is warranted to be a pure and natural product without any adulteration or presence of any foreign matter.
₹ 30,000.00 ₹ 28,000.00