Saffron (Mongra)

Iran and Kashmir are among regions where Saffron cultivation was first started. Saffron's cultivation in other parts of the world is regarded as a consequence of wars and conquest by foreign armies. When Spain was conquered by the Muslims some products that were cultivable in regions under Muslim influence were taken there for cultivation in about 961 A.D. Restricted majorly to these three places (Kashmir, Iran, and Spain) in the World with Iran as the major producer of Saffron with more than 65% of world's saffron production, saffron stands to be the World's most expensive spice by weight.

Saffron is produced from saffron flowers and each saffron flower has three stigmas, which are the distal ends of the plant's carpel. When the Saffron flowers are picked, the style and stigma are separated and the stigma is cut at a point where it is joint with the style. It is called MONGRA SAFFRON in India, and the same Saffron is called ZAFRAN-E-SAR-GOL(saffron from the top of the flower) in Iran. Mongra Saffron contains ten percent more pigment in comparison to Lachha Saffron and is the most preferred forms of Saffron both for commercial and household use.

At ABK house, we ensure that the post-harvest losses to quality of Saffron on account of prolonged separation of stigmas, drying and packing are monitored and taken care of so that the Very Select Saffron of longer stigma length with shiny color and the strong odor is delivered to you. You can buy the best produce of kashmir Saffron-Mongra (i.e.: only the red portion of the saffron filament), right here at ABK online store.

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