Dried Morels with tail (caps, tails), 100 gm

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Morel mushrooms with tail (caps, tails) from Kashmir.
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MORCHELLA esculenta, Or Morel mushrooms in common language, are an economically important wild species. In the higher-altitude villages of Kashmir (and regions of Central Himalaya) it is locally known as ‘Guchhi. Morels are an expensive product because of its rich nutritional value coupled with a unique flavour. Morel metabolites are also used as adaptogens and immunostimulants, and are now considered to be one of the most useful anti-tumour agents for clinical use. Morels appear in a large scale during the month of March and its collection starts between April and June. When you take Morels - Food from the wild - you are taking nutrition and vital engergy directly from the source. This makes a lot if sense if you think!

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