ABK featured in a story on Dwindling morel appearance in Kashmir

Sunday, April 29, 2018

ABK mentioned in an story on dwindling growth of Morels in Kashmir 

Amin-Bin-Khalik was featured today in one of the leading newspaper, Greater Kashmir on a story on dwindling Morel appearance in Kashmir. Over last few years we have witnessed a drop in the overall supply of Kashmir Morels which is for the reason that the appearance of Morels in Kashmir has fallen drastically.

Please be informed that Morels appear almost anywhere in spring though majorly limited to the high-level forests in Kashmir valley, and they are the best spring mushrooms we produce here.

This is not clear as to why it is happening and unless a research is carried out scientifically, there is no way to objectively conclude the reason for their drop. However, we assume that climate has had its effect on Morels and the livelihood of thousands of Kashmiris who are associated with the trade.

Over last few years, Kashmir has witnessed a sudden climatic change - blame it on global warming - and we are not receiving enough of snowfall in the valley. What snow would do, besides regulating our water supply and other ecological systems, is that it cools the soil. And, experts believe that Morels can be found when the soil temperature is as low as 8.3-degree Celsius, ideal being 9-10 degrees. Morels are fungus and they need optimum moisture to grow and mature and when Nature isn't happy with us, it has got its repercussions.

You may read the full story here: http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/business/less-growth-demand-worries-traders-of-kashmir-s-exotic-guchchi/283488.html




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